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U.S. History Curriculum (11th Grade)

United States History Curriculum 11th Grade, Florida

Monroe County School District

Links to helpful resources for designing quality U.S. History assessments.


I.  Escambia County, Florida

II. Florida Department of Education

III.  Mississippi Department of Education Practice Exams (similar curriculum)

IV. New York Regents Exams

Practice questions for practice with rigorous primary/secondary sources: College Board Advanced Placement U.S. History Questions


I. Sample Assessment Questions from Escambia County:

Unit 1:  Historical Inquiry & Research

Unit 2: Civil War & Reconstruction 

Unit 3: Gilded Age

Unit 4: Progressive Era 

Unit 5: Imperialism 

Unit 6: World War I

Unit 7: 1920s & U.S. Foreign Policy

Unit 8: Great Depression & New Deal 

Unit 9: World War II

Unit 10:  Post-War Prosperity

Unit 11: Cold War 

Unit 12:  Civil Rights Movement

Unit 13: U.S. Since 1973 I

U.S. Since 1973 II.

Unit 14: U.S. Government

Unit 15: Economics


II. Practice Questions from Florida Department of Education


III. Practice Exams from Mississippi Department of Education (similar curriculum – good for practice with analyzing primary and secondary sources).

Practice Exam 1:

Practice Exam 2:

Practice Exam Answer Key 1:

Practice Exam Answer Key 2:


IV.  New York Regents Exams (similar curriculum for implementing  DBQs/primary sources)


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