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 Teaching Work Sample

Advanced Placement United States History: (2014-2016)

11th Grade United States History: (2013-2014) 

Class Website (notes, calendar of events, and extra materials for students and parents)

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Student Teaching Work Samples: 

World Cultures/World History (1oth grade):


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 Samples of Lesson Plans, Student Handouts, and Student-Centered Activities

Unit: Ancient Greece

Planning for Instruction: Overview

Standards and Calendar

Lecture (Majority of Unit – 3 Weeks)


Lesson Plans:

1) Lesson Plan – City States: Athens vs. Sparta Debate


2) Lesson Plan: Persian Wars – Researching Battles
3) Lesson Plan: Alexander the Great – Retracting His Route


Student Note Handouts:



Study Guide: Ancient Greece


 Analysis of Student Achievement

Examples of student success measured by using learning gain score percentages.

Journal Entries – Student Progress:

Journal entries were used as pre-assessment to the new material and to assess the students’ writing skills throughout the semester.


*Other Work Samples:

Education Methods Course:

Teaching Work Sample – Methods Course (click to access- PDF file)

This teaching work sample was created on  Imperialism for a 9th grade Western Civilization course.





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